The LibreFoodPantry FOSSisms

For this first (technically second) post of this semester,  I decided to talk about the FOSSisms section of the LibreFoodPantry main page. This sections was located under the about section. This sections leads off with a short introduction about what FOSSisms are and it was very useful considering I have never seen the word used before. To put it simply, FOSSisms are maxims that Heidi Ellis developed from, open source culture. I won’t talk about all 16 of them because I would be here all day, but I will talk about some of my favorites. I really enjoyed the productively lost section because it explains that the students should get lost, but that they should use this sense of confusion to learn more about what they are confused about. The last section, I’ll talk about is avoiding uncommunicated work. This section was interesting because it basically says that all work should be communicated with other members of the group, and I think that is extremely important for this project that we are about to take on.

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