Retrospective #3

The semester has finally come to an end, and that means that it is time for my third and final retrospective blog. This sprint was probably our best sprint in terms of communication, but it is weird because while we got a lot of work done, we ultimately had to resort to running the project locally due to issues with Docker. Below are the links to the progress that I made this sprint.

This is the link where I created one overall project with a Docker compose file because I was testing Docker compose and getting the containers to all run at the same time under one default network.

Here is where we were (finally) able to connect the database to the REST server. We used the JDBC connection driver to connect to the database from a Java application to add to the database from the application.

This is the Dockerfile that allows the database to run in a Docker container. I included the registerguest.sql in this to be able to create the database within the Docker container.

During this final sprint, I felt as though I was able to do a lot more than the previous sprints because there was a lot of experimenting with the database that had to be done this time around. For example, we had to try ways to connect the database to the REST server. I also had to figure out how to use Docker and get the database running in a docker container during this sprint. Our GitLab use was more or less optimized this sprint as we were using our cards, and commenting on our issues. We used the “block-by” feature much more this sprint. Our communication was also much better this sprint as we were meeting on Zoom much more, and texting among ourselves more about issues we were having.

I would say that the only thing that didn’t work well for us was our Docker use. We were all getting so many different, unforeseen errors that seemed like they had no solution after hours of research. I believe that the issue could have been that I was using Docker Desktop while the others were using Docker Toolbox, however, when I switched to Docker Toolbox, I couldn’t even start it up due to virtualization issues that I couldn’t find the solution too. Besides that, I’d say my only other issue was procrastination as I was still getting things done at the last possible moment rather than giving myself more time to work through all of the issues that we were facing which only led to more pressure on myself. Although, last sprint, I said that I wanted to get the database connected to the rest server, start my work on Docker, and have more Zoom meetings. I was able to do all of those things, so I am not too upset with how this Sprint turned out.

While we don’t have any sprints left for this semester, I still think we could all benefit from improvements because everybody can always improve. For example, whenever I work on a group project again at any point in my career, I will be sure to communicate more with both my teammates and other groups if it is applicable. I will also be working on my procrastination issues as I begin my career.

Dr. Wurst said that although we didn’t get an entire project working, that it was still very impressive that we were able to do what we did from scratch and have a functioning project to present. He also said that we should be proud of our work, and I completely agree. I don’t think what we did was easy by any means, and I am honored to have worked on a project like this for my last school assignment ever.


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